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Guns or no guns?

by ceothegawd - 01-08-2016 - 09:23 AM
For the USA it seems like a really difficult situation because then the govt would have to find a way of stopping the circulation of guns. I think improving the way people get the guns is most important.
I think that guns aren't necessary.
Bit of both I suppose.
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I would never rule out using weapons. Mostly because there have been many situations where there was no other option than to use a gun. However the way in which people use guns is another matter entirely. I know America has had a few problems as of late with corrupt police and the fact that there is a total lack of any mental health care (prisons being full of people who require mental help), so there needs to be a new working system. Now with America dealing with attacks from terrorists, I'd say that weapons are a good countermeasure against that sort of activity.
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as a canadian, its hard for me to understand why some of you guys freak out about it. i think the argument about "guns kill people" is stupid though, they should really just get people to do mental checks or something so some crazy doesnt go buy one.
You can't trust anyone, sometimes you have to defend yourselves with guns.
I'm for guns. All the bad stuff happens with bad people, anyway. Guns don't kill, people do. And if someone wants to kill someone, he probably will, with a gun or without.
Guns of course it our right!
(01-08-2016 - 09:23 AM)ceothegawd Wrote: With obama doing all of this stuff what do you think about taking our guns away?

I don't like it. Even if people were ordered to give their guns up do they really think the bad people will give them up. Of course not
Guns all the way bruh!!

Cuz this "Clown" situation is getting out of control.. I'm just itching to pull out my 9mm High Point Luger and not asking questions :P

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