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NASA hacked

by Grunge - 02-03-2016 - 12:00 AM
Since this hasn't been posted here I figured id share this in case any of you didn't hear. So pretty much a hacking group called "AnonSec" bought access to a computer from another hacker, then the team started trying to gain access to other systems eventually gaining network access to NASA's Glenn Research Center networks, Goddard Space Flight Center, and Dryden Flight Research Center networks. AnonSec also claims to have directed a NASA Global Hawk drone (a multi million dollar drone) to crash while it was on a flight over the Pacific but it was noticed by NASA as soon as it went off course. NASA hasn't responded yet so nobody knows if this legit, what do you guys think?

"root" is a pretty pathetic password if you ask me. For a multi-billion government agency, atleast.
Yuma#3948 or smth idk
Bannta Lmafo. I think I'm better at making passwords lol. :D
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NASA do need to fix a lot of things.
I agree root is a pathetic password for NASA, but I just read something saying that NASA said the drone part was fake and they are still looking into the networks being hacked.
Wow, if that drone where to hit actual land, that could mean serious trouble for both sides.
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(02-03-2016 - 12:43 AM)Supreme Wrote: Wow, if that drone where to hit actual land, that could mean serious trouble for both sides.

I know I was thinking what if it collided with a plane or something...
Password root? lol should be better then this
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I expected them to have a super hard password i am really shocked to hear this. I believe they should take under consideration that they should make a more advanced and super secure password.
Highly doubt this is true, like sorry but 'root' i will kill my self if this is real.

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