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Posted 01-08-2018 - 06:18 AM by beta
Hello everyone. Today I released my own hacking shop called the HakShak. I already have one scripts on my shop called WeSSH which is a server side script for botnets which allows web integration. I will be adding many more things as the days go on, and all scripts/programs will be written by me to assure they meet the HakShak's quality expectations. I will keep the prices very cheap. Please feel free to visit the shop:

use coupon "DemonForums" for 25% off!

Thanks everyone!
25% off coupon: DemonForums
This looks nice -:D
Nice start, good luck with it.
[Image: qrcode.png]
Seems good, why dont you offer for sell anonimyzed SSH?
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Cool, seems intriguing

Cool, seems intriguing

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