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Beginner In Java

by Endgame - 04-28-2016 - 11:36 AM
I started off learning Java 1 for beginners. I'd taken semesters in college learning to code Java, but for some reason I could never catch on. I decided to switch to Python first, then move on to Java. So far, python is way easier to understand.
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I agree with this times ten. Python makes it easy to focus on the logic of what you’re doing without worrying too much about syntax. When using certain methods from libraries such as numpy I believe python is faster than java as well!
C is very simple, too. You can understand it in just a day but mastering it requires some time.
As weird as it sounds, I actually ended up liking Java more than python, just because the object oriented nature of Java felt nicer.
I actually learned Java before python, and it was a mistake...

Learning python a year later was much easier man. C++ was still always the most difficult for me though.
thanks, this is great resources
i tried python but i cant really understand it i think im stupid
If you are already know an object oriented programming language ,just you have to learn the syntax of other programming language.Python codes are smaller than java.If you are completely new to programming, both are same.

Only Syntax are different.
I agree with python, its syntax is very simple, with some good bootcamps, tutorials and other internet resources you can reach an intermediate/advanced level, but in my opinion java is not very complicated, comparing it with python you can obviously see the difference, but practicing and researching you can understand it very well. The good thing about java is that it is very similar to C and C++, if you learn java you have already secured 3 languages practically, only a few things change between them, but it becomes easier when you learn Java.

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