What is an account upgrade? When you upgrade your account you will have access to new features and more access across the boards.
Upgrades are optional and not required, we do not have a membership fee to access the forums.
How much do upgrades cost? At the moment we offer three tier upgrades which must be bought in order.
Gold: $5.00 USD
Diamond: $10.00 USD
Emerald: $30.00 USD
Do upgrades expire? No, when you purchase an upgrade they will never expire.
It is a lifetime upgrade which will not be removed from your account.
How do the upgrade tiers work? You can not instantly purchase Diamond or Emerald.
In order to upgrade to Diamond, you need to upgrade to Gold first.
In order to upgrade to Emerald, you need to upgrade to both Gold and Diamond first.
What features do I receive upon upgrading? Each tier upgrade has a lot of features, too many for us to list here.
If you are interested we suggest looking at the Upgrade page for more details.
Which payment methods do you accept? We currently accept Bitcoin and Paypal.
Can I get a refund? No, we don't offer refunds. Upon upgrading you received all features listed on the upgrading page.