Marketplace Rules

The Marketplace section on DemonForums is were buyers and sellers are mostly at. And with any board which includes a marketplace, there will be those who will make an attempt to scam other members. Please follow the rules, tips and guidelines provided below to remain safe when conducting a transaction.

1. You are only allowed to sell your server stressers in the Premium Marketplace.

2. Reselling is not permitted. You must receive permission from an administrator beforehand.

3. To create a thread within the Secondary Marketplace section, you are required to have at least 500 posts. This has been set in place to prevent newer registrants with low amounts of posts from advertising their products and services.

4. Sales trashing is strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to harass other users on their sales thread - this includes saying something along the lines of (but it not limited to): "Do not deal with this user" or "Come to my sales thread instead." Warnings will be issued.

5. Scamming a member is a permanent ban. We will also reveal your IP address and email attached to your account.