Reputation System

The Reputation System is a medium that will allow you to write feedback to a certain user. This feedback can be virtually anything, such as the user's qualities. Though, to maintain its stability for the foreseeable future and ensure that the system is properly used, rules have been placed. When using the Reputation System, you are expected to follow each and every rule shown below, along with any additional guidelines mentioned in any other help documents that extend to the Reputation System. Any rule-breaking of the below of any kind will result in the reputation ratings being deleted and a possibile infraction added to your Demon Forums' account, along with whatever that extend thereof.

Asking for reputation is strictly prohibited. Reputation is supposed to be earned, not requested. If you are caught requesting reputation, you will be punished accordingly.
Asking or "hinting" for reputation will not be tolerated. This includes asking for negative reputation.
You may not call someone a "scammer" in your reputation rating without thorough evidence of the user scamming. "User has an active dispute, deal with caution" or "Use a middleman when dealing with this user" are examples of what wouldn't be allowed on Demon Forums. If you have any said reputation ratings on your profile, report the reputation by using the Report button or contacting a staff member.
Reputation are opinions, a feedback or evalutation of the user. Basing your opinion on nothing but assumptions or empty-rumors is not allowed.
Reputation issues, including website bugs you may encounter or even a reputation rating made by another user, you may contact any member of the Staff Team.
"rep-ganging" is not accepted. You may not persuade any users to negatively or positvely rep a user. Anyone seen doing this, and you will lose your privileges and a possible ban. This includes copy and pasting the same text of a reputation rating over and over on the same page.
Lastly, if you find a rating that does violate the aforementioned rules, please contact any member of the Staff Team.