General Rules
Any attempts of infecting other members on Demon Forums by any means will result in a permanent ban.
You may not attempt to monetize off any leaks you may share on Demon Forums. This includes survey links and url-shortening links. You cannot ask or "hint" users to perform a monetizing link either.
Any adult content (NSFW) of any sorts will not be accepted on Demon Forums. Of any questionable images you may encounter, please private message a staff member.
Asking for donations or loans of any kind on Demon Forums is not condoned and will be met with a warning or a potential ban. This extends to the Skype and Discord channels. This rule also applies to credits.
We expect users to tolerate opinions, and if there's something you may disagree on, you're expected to keep your composure and keep a high-degree of respect between eachother, acting like adults and not causing any flaming towards the other. If you act like a little shit, your posts will be deleted and your account will be penalized.
Advertising forums is not allowed. Do be aware that this will earn you a permanent ban.
Reporting posts without a reasonable justification will result in your privileges removed and a possible suspension of your account.
Discussion, depiction or encouragement of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and other related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban on Demon Forums.
On Demon Forums, you're required to use the direct at all times. You may not prompt users to visit a url-shortening link or a survey link..
Posting of any personal information of other members are not allowed. This includes but not limited to IP, home address, nicknames, account information, etcetera.
The conventional use of browser scripts is allowed as long as it's not meant to cheat or circumvent something. Refreshing scripts and IP-spoofing is an example of what wouldn't be allowed.
Spamming of any kind will not be accepted.
Any assistance of another member attempting to break the rules will consider you as a direct associate with the user and place you with any punishments of any rules that may have been broken.
Any excessive or substantial degree of blackmailing, harassment, or flaming of any kind will result of infractions being added to your account.