Poll: Who are you voting for?
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Donald TrumpVotes: 13 | 59.09%
Hilary ClintonVotes: 5 | 22.73%
Bernie SandersVotes: 4 | 18.18%
Ted CruzVotes: 0 | 0%
Total: 22 vote(s) 100%
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Who is going to be the next president?

by C22 - 04-17-2016 - 03:30 PM
Well I dont really like what it has come down to, but I guess Trump ;)
I don't live in the USA, but if I did, I'd vote for Trump. I voted for UKIP here in the UK. Best decision ever. Let the haters hate. Heart
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I'm not in the US, but realistically I'd have to vote Trump.
I'm so tired of Liberal leftwing bullshit becoming hip mainstream nonsense.

It started off as a fucking joke that got taken too serious and mutated into the cancerous tumor it is now and it's killing countries by letting these fools rain in and ruin rational thinking with sensitivity and feelings.

Trump might have a lot downfalls, but Hilary is in the pocket of so many people and all she's going to do is make her and her pals richer and make sure that the US experiences reverse evolution with her ideals and goals being forced down every Americans neck.

Like South Park said, Douche or a Turd Sandwhich.
I'd like to vote 4 Trump cause Hilary is such abnormal and very crazy woman.
Numero uno, number one, numero un.

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