Stealth Screenshot Saver + Uploader - Take screenshots remotely on other computers
Posted 11-24-2018 - 08:38 PM by datagroove
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Stealth Screenshot Saver + Uploader is a combination of windows utilities to create a malicious program without requiring any heavy coding.

The executable file contain:
file.bat - Batch file contains the screenshot batch line + ftp credentials
main.exe - Execute the hidden file.bat
README.txt - dummy file with credits
svchost.exe - Command line utility to take screenshots

How to use?
Open file.bat with notepad and change line 2, 4, 5, 6.

In line 2, change between loop and savescreenshot.
The first value is by default 60 (60 screenshots before upload)
Also in the same line by default is 10000 (Wait 10 seconds between screenshots)

In line 4 is the ftp server (Default is
In line 5 is the ftp username
In line 6 is the ftp password

Why is a public free file hosting service with ftp enabled by default. The advantage of is that you can share the username and password in plain text and if anyone grab it and try to access the files it won't be possible to modify or delete without confirming by email.

Developed using the following Technologies
WinRAR, Q Compiler, UPX, Simple Batch Example


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