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Special Music Technology and My Technique for Astral Projection (HIGH SUCCESS RATE)

by Flexibility - 10-31-2021 - 11:47 PM
There is a type of music that can enrich your meditation experiences, help you fall asleep, relax, achieve lucid dreaming, astral projections, and more..

This kind of music changed my life a couple of years ago.
In every sense of the word ... When I couldn't push myself to meditate, I listened to music like this. When i needed a little bit of help for achieving lucid dreaming, i listened to this music.

In our brain, we experience something called brain waves. These are roughly the regimes and different speeds of our state of minds. For example, when we are maximally present and focused, we are mostly in gamma brain waves, when we are relaxed, creative, we are in alpha mode. Delta frequencies are, for example, for sleeping, and Theta are probably the most mysterious waves that serve as a some kind of bridge between the conscious and subcnoscious mind and who knows what else.. and theta waves are mainly associated with lucid dreaming and astral projection.

There are various techniques of brain wave modulation such as isochronic tones, binaural beats, etc.
If you are fascinated by lucid dreams and astral projections like me, I think you will be pleasantly surprised what you can achieve with this kind of music ..

The music is in Ambisonic format, so-called 8D Audio.
This means that different sounds and music in general move "inside" and around your head in different paths to activate many parts of the brain at the same time. I would recommend using headphones to experience these effects in their full light.
Hemispheric synchronization and harmony is something that could for sure help us with our astral journeys. It is believed that the left hemisphere is a bridge to subconscious, creativity, and mystery. We mainly use the right hemisphere in our everyday lives.

I hope I didn’t take up a lot of your time and I apologize to you for the long post.
Lets get to the point!
  1. You need to be laying straight on your back, for some reason this is the hardest position to fall asleep and its the most comfortable one for the seperation of energetic body, put on headphones if you can, play the video link which is at the bottom of the post, try to listen at lower and comfortable volume

  2. The goal is to stay awake while your body falls asleep (you probably know this already sorry)

  3. You need to be maximum comfortable and dont move your body but literally no movements when you once get the perfect position, you can make really tiny movements and adjustments from time to time but the goal is not to move at all

  4. It will take some time, after about 20-30 minutes of laying, your body will start to tingle and vibrate, your whole body will vibrate very intense, the audio track needs to be played at very low volume just to keep you awake

  5. Unfortunately it will start to feel uncomfortable at some point, i dont understand why it has to be that way but it has to be for some reason You must not move or you will disrupt the process

  6. You need to be looking in front of your closed eyes, you will see some dark-blue shapes floating through the darkness, you need to follow them and just go with the flow, they will also help you stay awake, i think this blue shapes are actually ether or the "air" of astral, call it whatever, for some reason all of my friends and people i talked to also see this blue shapes/clouds

  7. Your room needs to be in complete darkness, thats one of the most important things, you can wear a sleep mask if you can

  8. You will literally feel that your astral body is seperating from your physical body, your heart will start to beat very fast and you may start to become scared of the unknown, this is the most tricky part

  9. In this part i am visualizing a rope hanging from my ceiling, and you need to visualize yourself climbing up that rope and include all senses and feelings as much as you can and use your arms and everything

  10. In one moment you will just appear in your room, you will see yourself/your body sleeping, or you maybie spawn in some random location, you can fuckin fly bro, flying in astral is the most amazing feeling, its like floating in some huge ocean, all sensations in astral are boosted by +3000% , you feel everything more intense
Bonus: one strange thing i also noticed, breathing through your feet actually drastically improves the chance of projection for some reason. When you inhale try to raise the energy from your feet upward through your body, when you exhale try to bring down the breath to your feet. This is actually a thing and can be achieved easily through inner focus and maybie a bit of visualization but not necessary. Later i found out that people are actually considering this as one of the popular methods for projection. My only theory is that by doing this, we are activating our astral feets bcuz as we know we have an astral body just like the physical, and feets are also grounding us to this physical world. I hope you will find some value in this, thank you for reading.


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