RC Trojan 1.2 (Private Version)
Posted 03-30-2019 - 05:17 AM by datagroove
RC Trojan is a remote control program for windows similar to a trojan. It operates in Port 80 (web) and it only operates in WANs or LANs but it allow full control of the machine and it's invisible to users and undetected by antivirus.

What RC Trojan can do
Open TrayBalloon
Send a TrayBalloon Email
Send a TrayBalloon Mobile Phone
Send a TrayBalloon Facebook request
Show a Message
Show a Question
Turn the Volume to Maximum
ON/OFF the Volume
Speak Text
Speak Clipboard text
Speak File (autoexec)
Beep at 500 frequency
Beep at 5000 frequency
Beep at 50000 frequency
Beep at 500000 frequency
Send a Windows Beep
Capslock Disco
Numlock Disco
Send Mouse right click
Turn OFF the Monitor
Turn ON the Monitor
Turn ON Screensaver
Screensaver Timeout 30
Screensaver Timeout 90
Put the PC in Standby
LogOFF User
Ask to Reboot
Power OFF
Lock Workstation
Force Power OFF
Abort Power OFF 60 Seconds
Make IE Transparent
IE UnTransparent
Minimize all IE
Close All IE
Hide All IE
Show All IE
Resize IE
Hide Desktop icons
Show Desktop icons
Empty Recycle Bin
Restart Explorer
30 Screenshots in 60

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