Posted 02-11-2019 - 02:06 AM by trap
Display @mentions with links (and MyAlerts if installed).

  • Built-in auto-complete without requiring two plugins
  • supports standard textarea, SCEditor (default WYSIWYG), CKEditor (Rin Editor, etc.), and MHEditor (doylecc)
  • full text search
  • displays avatars in autocomplete popup
  • uses and prioritizes users from the current thread, when applicable
  • ability to add a postbit button that allows single or multi-mention tagging and insert in Quick Reply
  • uses name caching so rarely needs to query
  • highly configurable; easy to customize styles
  • prefix mentions with @, a custom symbol, or with no prefix
  • ready to seamlessly integrate with MyAlerts
  • abides by user's ignore list when sending alerts
  • checks permissions when sending alerts
  • Mentions are formatted by user group (admin controllable)

Quote:[Image: preview_55383_1540991790_b471263c288090a...29887e.png]

[Image: preview_55383_1540991854_2cba74463896c55...803c08.png]

[Image: preview_55383_1481911360_b0717ee485aa33b...14954f.png]

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