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Posted 08-22-2019 - 04:25 PM by HostSlick
We serve 2 Locations currently:
London, UK / United Kingdom - 100Gbit DDoS protection 
Netherlands - 1,6tbps Voxility DDos Protection  (Offshore DMCA Ignored!)

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Currently a Special on our Dedicated Servers, first month One time 50% off for all pre-orders!!! All ready within 1-2 days of order and coming with 1Gbps Unmetered (Fair use)

Contact us for more IPs/or custom! Or if there are questions.
We are currently working on integrating Corero SmartWalls DDoS Protection into our Network, which is even better Protection for UDP based applications such as Game or VoiceServers. :) If you are running Gameserver or Teamspeak, this might be your choice. Even for VPNs, its better.
It has come to our attention that Voxility Protection has alot of false Positives, with UDP based applications such as Game or Voiceservers causing problems to our customers or the protection to enable and trigger a false positive. As we run our own Network/ASN, we will have both Protections, Voxility 1,6tbps and also Corero SmartWalls up to 100Gbps. Voxility can still be enabled if you contact us. By default we will deliver all Servers with Corero SmartWalls now.

We can mitigate all Layer 3/4 attacks.

All Servers include Unlimited DDoS Protection, unlimited attacks, we do not charge if you get attacked.

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