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Guns or no guns?

by ceothegawd - 01-08-2016 - 09:23 AM
Guns with more strict regulations, IMO
Liberals are retards. they complain about things that do not matter in the slightest to distract us from their crocked politics and practices to make way for more illegal campaigns and politicians. It's crazy Obama was a let down, forcing crooked policies like the Obamacare health act upon millions of Americans. Leaving thousands in financial and medical trouble. This hit my family particularly hard. When Obama left office just as many liberal politicians do he recommend the crooked ethics of the Clinton foundation. if there were anymore crooked people than the Clinton's we would be in trouble. Luckily they did not get elected however Hillary is still getting away with several counts of treason that is blinded and overlooked thanks to her liberal practices. Being a conservative is sadly frowned upon due to mass majority of people being liberal and not knowing what they are supporting. (or hating against) thanks to fake news and media.

But i will say the government will never take our guns. the second amendment is a god given right passed down from our forefathers that allows us to open care possess and collect weapons that abide by state and federal restrictions. however it also says in the second amendment that if the government ever tries to "get too big for their britches" then we as US citizens have the right to use those weapons to defend our constitutional rights. The sad thing about the fake news & liberal politicians is they say that turning in your guns will stop murder/crime and weapon violence but last I check Criminals don't follow the law, law abiding citizens do. So when a good guy with a gun turns in his gun then only Criminals with guns will have guns.
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Guns, how else can I protect myself?
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All this talk about new gun laws to lower the percentage of shootings is completely false. The people committing these acts are criminals, and criminals are people who break laws. So tell me how if a new law is introduced to tighten our firearm rights, how many criminals are going to obey that law?
This is old, but I believe people have the right to carry their own guns. What do you guys think the second amendment is? The second amendment was made so we're able to have a right to bear arms. You know what they say, guns don't kill people, people kill people.
i dont believe it would be better with guns, i rather we stay the way we do without any guns.

with guns we just have more Violence/deads which is nothing where we win at.
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One can also solve the thing without any violation and guns.
Guns should be allowed, but regulated more carefully.
guns but controlled
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