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Game Development Group

by syst0mz - 04-22-2024 - 10:50 PM
Hello, I am an Artist turned Entrepreneur, I've gotten rather close to attaining financial independence which will bring me a lot of free time. I've decided to get into Video Game Development as I've always been into it and desired to do so at some point, I've come up with a pretty interesting game idea for a Heroes vs Villains MRPG, though I know making a game isn't a job for one person.

I am searching for others who may be interested in joining the project, this will be the start of hopefully a game development studio further down the line. I'd like to start with this one, move on to other types like Zombie open world, GTA/Bully esk games.

Any skill level is welcome, although don't make fun of me too much as I'm literally just diving into it as of a week ago. I will be spending the next 6 months to a year Studying game development, and using this Heroes vs Villains game as my first official project.

I've already flushed out the idea pretty thoroughly, please reach out if you'd like to work together on something potentially great! You can also join the discord I've created here:

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