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Posted 11-11-2017 - 10:59 PM by MyBrudda
Hi all,

I am seeking a forum partner to join a project I am working on. I have many years of experience in developing  and maintaining forums. I have been out of the forum sector for about 2 years while working on a new project but have developed and managed a successful forum previously. This forum generated in the region of $500-750 per month in revenue split between advertisements, upgrades and donations for things like awards, groups etc. I eventually went on to sell the forum for $6000 in 2014 due to a new, more profitable, project consuming too much of my time. I was unable to find someone I was comfortable with running the forum for extended periods of time without me. The forum got merged with another forum and domain sold to a Chinese company for their blog. The forum as generating this kind of income while only being 6 months old and running on small budgets.

I am now working on a new forum and am looking for someone who would be interested in forming a partnership. The person I am looking for must have the below abilities/knowledge:

Able to be online for a few hours per day minimum (after work etc)
Sound experience in MyBB and improving theme design. I'm only one person and one opinion and it is great to have someone who can transfer ideas to theme designs.
Sound knowledge in HTML/PHP/CSS. Any others known are a bonus.
Skills in gaining members is a bonus
Any knowledge in photoshop/design is a bonus as a lot of money will need to be spent here if not as this is not my field.
Have some ideas. I have tons of ideas and visions but again I'm only one person and one opinion and love to hear and implement others ideas/opinions.
Important: Aged 18+. I may need to verify this. It's important.

I'm looking to push a lot more money into this forum than I have previously while applying the same structure, setup and subject as the previous forum. The results will be interesting! I already have the domain, theme and base of the forum done. Lots more work to be done though before releasing it!

Addressing a question that's likely to be asked, what makes this forum different to many other general forums that fail? My ideas, knowledge and previous experience with starting and running a forum leads me to believe that I can do it again. With more money this time, I believe I can do it better. In addition to this, having a partner this time, in theory, twice the amount of work can be done. I plan to learn from my previous mistakes with my old forum. Taking on feedback from my old user base that I couldn't alter, for example, the name of the forum and subject orientation/disassociation and improve it.

As you may be able to tell, this project is something I'm more serious about and willing to take it the step further than others. I have experience in running businesses and while this forum is going to be fun for it's users, it's also a business. A profitable business with next to no running costs.

If this is something you feel you'd like to be a part of, please don't hesitate to PM me to discuss.
Still looking for someone for this.
Still looking for this.

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