Credits Bug #2 [RPS]
by Rick - 05-30-2019 - 09:09 PM
05-30-2019 - 09:09 PM #1
when gambling using the rps game. you bet a certain amount, say I have... alot of credits maybe the second most on the forum and you bet a large number because you got cocky and you would think you win = you get double your bet (true), you would also think you loose, you loose what you put in. the logs on the rps page show your profit as what you lost say I bet 500 I should loose 500 but if I have 600 give or take and bet 500 why does it say I lost 500 but now I have almost -400? it's taking double it seems. I mentioned this to the admin several times seems as though it has not been fixed and my credits have reflected that.


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