Cirex Engine "MW2 Offhost" + Download

by CirexMods - 01-19-2023 - 09:14 PM
Cirex Modern Warfare 2 Offhost Engine
Hello and welcome back to a new post from me, im here to release my new version of my engine for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer This offhost is really simple to use. More updates is gonna come for the menu but im working for other big projects. The Client Sub Menu is not working at this version but im still working on it. Just keep in mind that it is a V1 release so i have more options to add. Im thinking to add Host Options in the menu as well but im not sure.
If you have any questions then feel free to coment down here :)


Engine Showcase

[Image: Cirex-Engine.jpg]
Nice design, but its just an edited/rename of appendum.
Id suggest learning how to make your own menu and functions first, before looking into anything big.
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