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by Lord - 02-12-2019 - 07:12 AM
02-12-2019 - 07:12 AM #1
The Board Messages plugin allows you to place important messages in your forum header so as users see them quickly. Messages can be displayed globally or on the forum index only.

This plugin integrates with the MyBB theme system giving you complete control over the look of each message by way of the board_messages.css stylesheet which is added to the theme editor on plugin activation.

Quote:[Image: 14-1220209576-Board%20Index.png]

[Image: 14-1220209625-Forum%20Display%20Page.png]

[Image: 14-1220209647-Message%20Management.png]

[Image: 14-1220209665-Theme%20Manager.png]

[Image: 14-1220209680-CSS%20Management.png]

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