BTC Clipper

by blackhatrussia - 01-24-2023 - 08:21 AM
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BTC Clipper


a BTC Clipper or a "Bitcoin Clipper" is a kind of malware designed to goal cryptocurrency transactions.

It operates by means of changing the recipient cryptocurrency pockets addresses with ones owned by way of the cyber criminals. This device demonstrates how sure cyber criminals redirect cryptocurrency transactions by way of changing clipboard data. When customers reproduction the addresses of cryptowallets that they want to use to switch bitcoin to, the copied statistics is stealthily changed through the attacker's.

When the clipboard records is pasted, the addresses belong to the criminals' cryptocurrency wallets alternatively of being the cryptocurrency pockets for the supposed recipient.

This is a task created to make it less complicated for malware analysts or normal customers to recognize how Bitcoin clippers work and can be used for analysis, research, reverse engineering, or review.

Please be positive to recognize what you are doing (such as understanding how to cast off it) due to the fact when the .py file is run due to the fact it does adjust some stuff in your gadget such as your Startup registry.


No external Python modules required
Add self destruct message

How to use

Change BTC_ADDRESS to wallet address.
Change self destruct message
Run -> python btcClip.py

Discord: blackhatrussiaofficial#5904

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