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[Open-Source] Full Feature .NET KV Checker API Using TCP

by Rick - 03-09-2024 - 11:12 PM
maybe this will assist me in my real domination!!! thank you my friend for the good release!!!!
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(03-09-2024 - 11:12 PM)Rick Wrote:
Full Feature KV Checker API + More

This API is one I have been wanting to add to my website for sometime, just have not had the time. I recently had a little free time and decided to clean it up and release it. It was made to perform well on any server. It is a single program that will download the resources it needs and install them to the machine's appdata location so that they call be referenced from there. 

the program has many features:
Configurable Port
Unlimited API Keys
Shared KV Check (using console id)
Mass Checker (cmd: 'UNSHARED.exe /check')
Numerous Test Commands
Many Checks and Features That Reduce Memory Usage

Below I will post some screengrabs:
Shared Checks
[Image: RgqJwO8.png]
Test Command
[Image: k2CmmcG.png]
First Run:
[Image: aRSv3eK.png]

Compiled Program:
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1. set the port in 'bin/settings/config.ini' on the first line. this will be the port you access the api via tcp with.
2. ensure that port is open and accessible. using windows firewall disable the blocking of ports or allow the one you pick to pass through by adding a rule.
3. Add a 16 character API key to the next line followed by '@' and a description of any kind. you can repeat this step as many times as you'd like.
4. start the application as admin in the directory you would like to run the application. it will run the first launch procedure.
5. the api should now be running on the port you chose. you can verify by reading the console output.
Sending  Data
2. IP (for shared kv check)
3. KV
Receiving Response
  • OK: Unbanned
  • NO: Banned
  • Anything Else: Error
Source Code:
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Holy shit my dude thank you so much for dropping this.

Edit: Says reply to unlock, mf still locked. Gives me the big sad.
never saw this until now gonna try it

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