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Another Day, Another Goose Chase [Trigger-Inducing]

by Rick - 01-19-2020 - 07:29 AM
So Let's start at the beginning. Trump had the majority before the election even took place. When the Liberals realized this, They threw a hissy fit, claiming they were gonna do everything from impeach him (before he was even in office) to saying they were gonna move to another country (which I was personally fine with). Every year of his term that followed it was something else he was accused of but quickly acquitted of for not only lack of proof but just for the simple fact that you can NOT impeach a president because he speaks his mind and you're a p*ssy. 

Here we are in 2020, This time they Democrats in the house voted to impeach President Donald John Trump. This decision was made with a house majority of democrats while all of america stood by as the house republics clowned the democrats for they're lack of any evidence whats so ever. Dare I say I am happy that this has moved onto the Senate. Let me explain. The Senate is mostly republicans. This is a good thing because republicans stand and have stood by Trump as he has done So much for our country over the last years, the economy is booming, in fact it's at a all time high, un-employment is at a ALL time low, he has single handily denuclearized North Korea and was the first Non North Korean citizen to step foot in the country in over a decade. He has been doing all this out of the love for his country for nothing in return, that's right. He turned down the presidents salary. In fact more of his personal money has been spent on things like the wall than tax payer money because he knows that money can and should be used for better things. 

The current sham that is going is currently in Senate. Let me give a little background on what happened. Trump had a phone call with foreign Russian foreign prime minister to congratulate him on his election, in that call the prime minister expressed his gratitude towards Mr rump. Trump was due to send aid to the prime minister. in the phone call he discussed looking into Joe Biden's son's business overseas. As is it illegal to have affairs overseas and run for president especially in a country that is not an ally of NATO. There is a un-named person that only Schiff knows the identity of that claims he overheard the call (which should not have happened to begin with) and claims there was a "quid-pro-quo" meaning they are accusing trump of refusing to send aid until Russia investigates the Biden's. 

But let's look at the facts; The Prime minister denied this allegation, which should be cause for dismissal with that alone, claiming this did happen, and he felt no pressure or quid-pro-quo. Every 'fact-witness' that took the stand at the house impeachment hearings, used words like assume, assumption, suppose, unaware, guess, and pretty much every other adjective for I'm bullsh*tting you. the republicans of the house quickly and numerously pointed this out. clearly stating on live television that there is absolutely zero evidence of anything and that ever year since his election there has been a impeachment attempt based purely on rumors and lies. The simple fact remains that you cannot impeach a president because you do not like him.

Everybody is talking about trump starting WW3 but:

Iran: Tries to make nuclear weapons
Obama: Gives Iran Military Aid and funding
Iran: Attacks Ship
Iran: Attacks Another Ship
Iran: Attacks Embassy
Trump: Kills terrorist responsible for attack on embassy
Iran: Send Missiles to US Military Bases
Trump: Nothing
Iran: Send More Missiles and takes out it's own commercial airline.
Iran: Blames Trump
Internet: We must impeach him before he starts ww3

Anyways to summarize, there will be no ww3, trump will not get impeached, and #TRUMP2020

Triggered? cry about it.
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