A Little Complicated
by Sea - 01-28-2017 - 08:30 AM
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Hello everyone! Well I really need some help with a graphical issue. More of an editing project, that I have wanted to compile for awhile and have spent countless hours gathering footage, but I am a shit tier editor. Like I can hardly edit my own vlogs and clip shit. I don't have the pure creativity or education to edit properly without it looking like a 12 year old made it. 

I really want something that looks good, ya know?

So I've gathered and clipped down about 20 minutes worth of clips for a 3-5 minute montage styled video.

Here's a bit more on it and the song(s) I want to use or have decided between.


Theme / Context:

This is a League of Legends video, featuring gameplay from myself over a a couple of games I did really well on with Riven. I've always wanted to at least have a montage featuring my own content. I made shitty ones way back whenever on Call of Duty, but I feel like League montages really have some great shit in them.

My Offer:

So I can offer payment for this editing job, I would prefer if you could do it for free, but nothing is free in this world and I get that. However, I will discuss payments after at least partial work is done or until I've seen your portfolios. So please, show me some of your past work! If you have any fees you're willing to work for, we can negotiate all prices when we start working together!

Thanks for reading and offering your help! And who knows, we might work together again in the future!


10-22-2017 - 04:57 AM #2
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