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Aéza — cloud servers from 0.02€/hour with AntiDDoS protection | DMCA Ignored, ANYCAST

by AezaHost - 03-25-2024 - 12:13 AM
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We are pleased to present you fast, powerful and premium virtual (VPS/VDS) and dedicated servers.
Standard rates based on AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D up to 5.7 GHz and powerful for large projects with double redundancy based on Intel® Core i9 6 GHz and 14900K AMD Threadripper 3990X 4.3 GHz.

Internet port on VPS in Moscow is provided up to 10 Gbps
ll VPS in Europe up to 1 Gbps, except London, Hong Kong up to 10 Gbps.

Our VPS locations: Moscow, Los Angeles, Vienna, Paris, Falkenstein, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Hong Kong, and more in the future.

Any operating systems are available for installation:
Windows10, Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and any other from your ISO image.

The lowest prices for such powerful resources:
Standard VPS/VDS start from 4.94€/month (or 0.02 €/hour)
Hi-CPU server prices start from 8.51€/month (or 0.04€ /hour)
Prices for dedicated servers start from 200 €/month

Our advantages:
❯ The world's most powerful processors, e.g. AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D up to 5.7 GHz
❯ Activation within 60 seconds of payment
❯ 24/7/365 chat support
❯ AntiDDoS protection on all servers
❯ Hourly rate option from 0.02 €/hour

Available payment methods:
❯ Bank cards of any country (Visa/Mastercard/World and others)
❯ Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BTC Cash, USDT and others)
❯ E-wallets (YouMoney, PerfectMoney and others)
❯ PayPal (through technical support)

You can check the list of all tariffs and automatically order on our website:
Buy and test! You will definitely like it.

Our Telegram
Round-the-clock support in TG

Any questions?
Text us: TG @aezasupport_bot
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Aéza successfully stopped an attack with a capacity of 3.66 Tbps and 164 mpps.
We already faced a less powerful attack six months ago, but today's one was a record.
We relized that peace wouldn't last, and attacks will get stronger every time, so we've been preparing our defences by integrating more sophisticated methods to counter them, and today we gave the attackers a taste of our DDoS protection system and believe me they will never forget it!
Protection is provided on all cloud servers for free, and we also offfer a separate web protection service (geo-distributed WAF with caching).
Aéza — Always on guard for your business!

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